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Inbound Call Marketing Automation Software

Transforming Business with the Power of Talk

With so many moving parts, marketing teams struggle to maintain total visibility and control. With Invoca’s inbound call marketing automation software, you have the tools to see the big picture and make better decisions.

Invoca Complete is everything B2B and B2C companies need to transform the call channel into their best source of leads. With Invoca Complete marketing teams are empowered to drive high quality inbound calls, track customers’ online and offline path to purchase, close the loop between marketing and revenue, and expand marketing distribution.

Invoca is for marketing teams that want to:

Drive quality inbound phone leads
Tie phone calls to marketing campaigns, partners, landing pages
Follow the customer journey through online, offline, and mobile channels
Gain a new level of customer insights
Optimize marketing spend and save resources
Close the loop between marketing and revenue

“Invoca tells us which channels and partners are driving high quality calls, so we know the best way to get more. With Invoca we’ve been able to collaborate with new media partners to scale distribution across all channels, grow revenue, and reduce cost per lead. ”

Dan Altman
Director of Marketing Empire Today


Call Tracking

With powerful call tracking you’ll know exactly which messages, campaigns, channels, landing pages, and marketing partners drive high quality phone calls.

Real-Time Call Analytics

In-depth call reporting gives you the complete picture of marketing performance, and total insight into customer behavior and the path to purchase.

Custom Call Treatment

Qualify, filter and route your inbound calls based on any criteria such as date and time, geographic location, existing versus new customer, mobile or landline caller, and the list goes on.

Complete Campaign and Partner Management

Save time and resources with one easy-to-use platform. Create campaigns, generate tracking numbers, dynamically populate your website phone numbers, manage marketing partnerships, and access marketing and customer analytics.

Channel Distribution

Tap into Invoca’s trusted partner channel to expand your reach and distribution, and receive more calls.

Seamless Integrations

Invoca Complete integrates with the marketing and sales solutions you already use. Break down marketing silos with all the tools and data you need in one place.

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